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Win32 binaries

These binaries are hosted for B.J. Tolputt (btolputt ATT hcf DOTT com DOTT au), please contact him with questions or comments.

Compiled from 1.1.11-STABLE sources using Borland's free C++ compiler. Minor changes to code and makefile.

ColdC Cores

All of the projects below are cores for ColdC/Genesis. In order to use them, you need a working copy of ColdC/Genesis. See, or see the README from NetStart for info on getting started with ColdC/Genesis.


XidusCore is my current development focus, and it will eventually be usable as a game server for a full-fledged multiuser game. It's loosely based on the Tiny style of MU*, at least as far as the in-game building interface is concerned. Overall, though, it's not based on any existing server. It will eventually be usable by people who don't know ColdC as a virtual world server.

The current version of XidusCore is v0.42, which is the initial beta release. This is basically just a snapshot of what's in development right now. Currently-implemented features include:

Permissions are not currently implemented. The textdump of XidusCore v0.42 is 3873 lines, and 117,972 bytes long. Compare to ColdCore's 50,000+ line textdump, and I think you'll see that XidusCore is a good place to start if you don't know much about ColdC yet.

The XidusCore-v0.42 tarball is available here, which includes the textdump and installation instructions. You can also view the README here:

NetStart core

The NetStart core is an extremely minimal core that is probably only useful for people writing their own core, or interested in the basic workings of the networking code. The textdump is only 84 lines long, 2,141 bytes, making for a very reasonable chunk to begin understanding.

It provides only enough network code to accept a single connection on a given port, and provide a very rudimentary command parser. (the switch construct school of parsing)

A tarball of files to help you get started with NetStart is available, as is the textdump of the core itself:

BaseCore -- to come

There's a project sort-of-in-the-works called BaseCore, intended to provide a more comfortable place to start in designing your own core. The trade-off will be that I'll have already designed and organized the basic systems, so you'll have to work with that, or rewrite them. I'm still working on getting all this functionality into my -current- core, but here's the planned list of features before releasing:

It won't include support for any kind of environment, such as rooms or places, things, exits, moving around, looking, and so on. It also won't include any kind of permissions checking, although a skeleton might be in place to make future development easier. All of those systems will be ready to be coded as you see fit. My current development focus is on XidusCore, but I can release BaseCore sooner if anyone's interested.

Contact Info

The packages on this page, and the page itself, are maintained by Jeremy Weatherford (xidus ATT xidus DOTT net). Please feel free to contact me for help installing, setting up, or troubleshooting anything ColdC/Genesis related, but especially the packages on this page. :)

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